We at Freedom Inspections Inc. are aware that all projects are different and that means that all problems that might arise in the field are different as well.

How would you feel if you had a company on your
side helping solve those problems. Our #1 goal in
a project is "common sense inspection".
Working with your project engineers and city
building officials, we provide  much more service
than is normally expected from your average deputy inspectors.

Dave Ruth, Owner of Freedom Inspections Inc. came from the
field of construction. After his encounters with such a wide variety of deputy inspectors on his own projects, (some better than others) he felt that there is much more a deputy could do to help a project run more smoothly. So he himself became a deputy / special inspector to help others build their projects, while offing a fresh approach to deputy inspection services and the building construction industry.
About Freedom Inspections Inc.
As our inspection business grew so did our client list of contractors, engineers, and building owners we work with. The deputy inspectors who we network with is vast and hand selected to have the same views of the field of deputy inspection. These views have helped our clients stay on schedule, save money, and build a safe project.

So if you need an inspection company on your side and the money for the inspection budget is tight, their is a place you can call.....

Freedom Inspections Inc.  

(714) 917-7808
Freedom Inspections Inc.
(714) 917-7808