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Mission Statement

Freedom Tank Inspections is committed to providing owners with personalized, affordable, detail-driven, quality inspections and reports in the most efficient manner possible while empowering associates through continual professional development and training. FTI does this through passion, hard work, and its adherence to strive for excellence.

Commitment to Our Employees

At Freedom Tank Inspections, we feel that our associates are our most valuable resources. To ensure they are capable of meeting our high demands and expectations, they are provided with first-rate training and upgraded enhanced equipment.

Safety is a core value of FTI's organizational culture. FTI demands that all personnel, from executive positions to the most recently hired staff members, are aware, accept and discern the weight of importance safety and health practices have in the industry and workplace. In order to maintain an exemplary safe environment, our health and safety policies are continuously evaluated, augmented, expanded, and enhanced.

FTI ensures that all levels and rankings of staff are educated and trained in OSHA regulations and requirements. They are provided with rigorous, subversive, and progressive training focused on the range of unique environments encountered. These training courses include but are not limited to, First Aid/CPR, Confined Space Entrant/Attendant/Supervisor, Hazard Recognition and Mitigation, Air Monitoring, and Fall Protection.

We require that all subcontractors  comply with our enforced quality and safety rules and guidelines.

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